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47771 Heaton Traincare Depot is passing Lower Basildon near Didcot on a light engine movement on 22nd July 1994. Photo: Richard Vitler

47771 Heaton Traincare Depot is passing Lower Basildon near Didcot on a light engine movement on 22nd July 1994. Photo: Richard Vitler.

The Class 47 Preservation Project was formed in 1990 with the objective of securing at least one member of the class for preservation. After many years spent raising the  necessary finance and waiting for a suitable machine  to  become available, our aim was achieved in 2003 with the purchase of 47771 Heaton Traincare Depot from EWS. The locomotive’s first home in preservation was the Colne Valley Railway in Essex, where restoration work commenced. In the Spring of 2017, 47771 was moved to Eastleigh Works where its return to operational condition will be completed.

Membership of  the Class 47 Preservation Project is open to all.  By becoming a shareholder, anyone can be a part owner of 47771 and all other assets belonging to the group, and take part in decisions affecting the locomotive.  Shares are available at £5.00 each, and can be purchased singly or in multiple, or by instalments through a Standing Order. The purchase of shares provides us with valuable financial assistance, and new shareholders are always welcome.

To become a shareholder, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ Page for information on how to obtain a Share Application Form.

We like to encourage as many supporters as possible to become shareholders, although we also have a Yahoo! email group and it is possible to become a member simply by subscribing to it.  This is completely free, and open to shareholders and non-shareholders alike.  Email group members can receive the latest news,  as well as take part in online discussions and many other activities in support of 47771, although only shareholders have voting rights.

To subscribe to our Yahoo! email group, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ Page.

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

We are engaged in a number of activities in which supporters can become involved. They range from helping to restore 47771 by attending working parties on the loco, helping out at fund raising events and promoting the group. It is not essential to have previous experience or technical knowledge as there is plenty to do for the skilled and unskilled alike. Working parties take place frequently at Eastleigh, and our sales stand attends open days,  model railway exhibitions and other events, and additional help on these occasions is always appreciated.

To volunteer, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ Page.


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