Q – When 47771 has been restored, do you plan to operate it on the main line?

A – We have no plans to operate 47771 on the main line in the foreseeable future. To get a preserved diesel loco certified for main line running is extremely expensive, and for it to be financially viable there has to be a guarantee of sufficient work to justify the enormous costs involved. Right now our main priority is to restore 771 to preserved railway standards.

Q – Which livery, name and number will the loco carry when it is restored?

A – 47771 is currently in Rail express systems (Res) livery, which it has carried since its last overhaul and repaint at Crewe in 1992. We intend to wait until it is operational before it gets a full repaint, and there will be a shareholders’ ballot to decide which will be its next livery / identity.  In the meantime the existing livery is being smartened up to make the loco look more presentable in the short term.

Q – Do we have 47771’s original nameplates?

A – Although the Heaton Traincare Depot plates were still attached at the time we purchased the loco, they were excluded under the terms of the sale. This was standard practice at the time with all locos sold by EWS, and in accordance with the conditions of sale they were removed before 771 was handed over to us. Nameplates were usually disposed of separately to locomotives, and often not offered for sale until years after the locos themselves had been disposed of. We do not know the present whereabouts of either the Heaton Traincare Depot plates or those that were carried by our loco between 1988 and 1991 when it was named The Geordie.

Q – I am a member of the Class 47 Preservation Project’s Yahoo! email group. Can I take part in decisions relating to 47771?

A –  Yes, provided you are also a shareholder, as decisions affecting the loco are taken by shareholders’ ballots. You need to own one or more shares to be able to take part in ballots, but at only £5.00 per share it’s easy to become a shareholder. Membership of our Yahoo! email group is open to both shareholders and non-shareholders. Further information on becoming a shareholder can be found on the ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ Pages.

If you have a question, email us at class47preservation@yahoo.co.uk

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