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Our book has been a complete sell-out and with the last one having been dispatched, supplies are now exhausted. We are delighted that it has been such a great success. The authors’ royalties and all of the profits on every copy sold by our Sales Department are going towards returning 47771 to working order. To everyone who bought a copy the authors would like to say, “Thank you. By purchasing our book, you have made your own contribution towards 47771’s comeback.”



book launch 01Above: The official launch of Class 47: 50 Years of Locomotive History took place at Dereham station on the Mid-Norfolk Railway, on Saturday 22nd September 2012 to the backdrop of 47401 North Eastern and 47580 County of Essex. The co-authors (from left to right) Robert Ward, Simon Lilley and John G.Hiscock proudly display the finished product before the start of the book signing session.  Photo: Jane Lilley.

Our sales stand attended the celebrations commemorating the 50th Anniversay of the Class 47s at the Mid-Norfolk Railway on 21st, 22nd and 23rd September 2012. Publishers Ian Allan / Oxford Publishing Company made special arrangements for supplies of Class 47: 50 Years of Locomotive History to be available during the event. The book was on sale during all of the three days, with the official launch taking place at Dereham station on the Saturday. Sales were brisk throughout the weekend; not unexpectedly Class 47: 50 Years of Locomotive History was the most popular item on the stand. Our thanks to all who made the weekend such a success; the Mid-Norfolk Railway for arranging and hosting the event, the owners of the nine locomotives that took part, Ian Allan / Oxford Publishing Company and our own sales team.

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